Welcome to AMC (Adult Male Circumcision) Clinic.

We are a London based circumcision clinic located in Leytonstone, East LONDON. Registered with the Care Quality Commision (CQC). 

Adult Male (Shang Ring) Circumcision in LONDON
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Adult Male Circumcision in LONDON

We are a London based circumcision clinic located in Leytonstone. Our qualified surgeons carry out circumcisions on all age groups of males, including cosmetic circumcisions for adult males.
We employ numerous methods to ensure the correct procedure is used and also that it is carried out in a safe and sterile enviroment. Our patient confidentiality is of the strictest practise and confidentiality is assured to the highest level. Read More...

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What are people saying?

  • Fantastic place with professional service!
  • Outstanding service from A to B. relaxed environment, made me feel confident with their informative meeting prior to initiating procedure also 24hours after care I was able to get advice anytime, day or night with immediate response through email. Great service. Thank you Dr Hassan.
  • Just had my boy circumcised today.....and infact we were blown away with excellent service we received............the consultant was professional and had enough hands to help him out too. I recommend this clinic to any1
  • My brother received excellent service. Surgeon is very experienced and the staff were very helpful. Would definitely recommend this clinic for circumcision!
  • We had both our sons circumcised here and everything went as expected with no complications. We found the Doctor very accommodating, professional and he answered all our questions and put us at ease. We also found the aftercare very good as we always got through on the phone and the Doctor called us back. I would highly recommend this clinic.
  • cant complain. nice little clinic and very helpful staff.

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Adult Male Circumcision Registered with the Care Quality Commision (CQC)

The AMC (Adult Male Circumcision) is a London based circumcision clinic

We have experienced NHS surgeons.

Our Surgeons

We have experienced NHS surgeons that carry out the circumcision procedures. Read More...


Hygiene above all is the most important reason to get circumcised.

Those that are opposed to circumcisions may say that one does not need to get circumcised to keep… Read More...

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