Plastibell Procedure

shang ring circumcision london ukThe Plastibell procedure, used for infants and young boys, starts with a local anaesthetic. The Plastibell is then placed between the glans and foreskin of the penis, to provide a guide for the foreskin to be tied with a suture thread. No stitching or dressing is necessary.

Benefits of Plastibell Procedure

The operation itself normally takes about 15 minutes and patients can expect to leave the Circumcision Centre clinic in less than one hour. The Plastibell® procedure is virtually pain-free because it is carried out under local anaesthetic and does away with the stitching, dressing and stitch removal normally required by other methods. After-care is usually limited to salt water bathing. Operation trauma is minimal and over 90% of patients have no need for a return visit to the Circumcision Centre clinic after the procedure.